Fixed: Crash when search TV
Fixed: Part of the machine crash when opens the screen advertising
Fixed: Crash when search TV
Fixed: Part of the machine crash when opens the screen advertising
Added: Show subtitle on float player
Fixed: Stop player timer failed sometimes
Fixed: Open some subtitles failed
Fixed: Play some flv files failed
Fixed: Player stucked while playing by loop AB sometimes
Added: Hide 'Net' and 'Discovery' for vip
Fixed: Crash on some device
Added: News section
Fixed: New UI for 'Net'
Fixed: TV program played failed in tv home
Added:Change skin
Fixed:Invite new user to register to get integrations
Fixed:Deleted files are still in list sometimes
Added:Sort,delete,rename and so on to playlist
Fixed :Crash on some devices
Fixed :Restore 'AllFolder' to folder list
Fixed :Improve ui of 'playlist', and add 'batch processing'
Fixed:'New' tag does not disappear automatically
Fixed:Progress and 'last played' in local list are display abnormally
Fixed:Improve ui of 'playlist', and add 'batch processing'
Added:multilevel directory list
Fixed:All new ui of local video list
Added:Local player history
Added:Play videos(last played) automatically after open mobo
Fixed:Crash sometimes
Added:Operate player by external keyboard
Fixed:Seek failed for some audios
Fixed:Seek to wrong progress while restore playing from background sometimes
Added:Share files
Fixed:Could not change to next automatically while playing background
Fixed:Some videos encodec in bgr24 picture blurred
Fixed:Track is playing will be selected by default while cutting video
Added:New home page
Fixed:The audiotrack currently played is not the selected one sometimes
Fixed:Can not playing some videos by soft-decode, and screenshot is wrong sometimes
Added:Slide screen to adjust volume and brightness in tv player
Added:Cut video by horizontal flip
Added:Classification of tv
Fixed:Crash while modify person data
Added:Online TV
Fixed:Crash while play some videos
Fixed:Progress and player speed was not restore while playing in background sometimes
Fixed:Sound was gone after switch audio channel sometimes
Fixed:Remove bt download
Added:Encrypt video
Fixed:Could not restore position and settings while player video from file explorer
Fixed:Decode lyric from mp3 metadata
Fixed:ANR while deleting files in bulk sometimes
Fixed:Long time speed playback will result in excessive memory usage
Fixed:Crash while scaning new files on some devices
Fixed:Playback speed is inconsistent when playing back from background
Fixed:Video opened from playlist is not the one that clicked sometimes
Fixed:Can not restore playing speed back from background player
Fixed:Picture is distorted after rotated video with 90 degrees
Fixed:Part of 10bit videos' picture is distorted
Fixed:Improve hard-decodec
Fixed:Sound disappeared after playing for a while sometimes
Fixed:Crash while switch subtitles sometimes
Fixed:ANR while opening a list with too many files
Fixed:ANR in splash ui sometimes
Fixed:Crashed while openning
Added:Customize scale of video and gif need to cut
Fixed:New style of 'select scan path' interface
Fixed:Some other UI
Fixed:Crashed while openning some subtitles
Fixed:Crash while opening from file explorer sometimes
Fixed:Cannot return to full-screen player from float window sometimes
Added: Sort by number
Fixed: Crash while starting to play sometimes
Fixed:Crash while opening some subtitles
Fixed: Picture is stopped after seek for some videos
Fixed: Can't play next while playing on background or screen-off for some videos
Fixed: Can't cancel folder list's edit status sometimes
Fixed: Can't display some subtitles
Fixed: Some UI
added Video rotation
fixed New ui of player setting
fixed New ui of online video
added User register
fixed Crash while cut video and gif for some phones
fixed Video cut was stopped while return from background cutting
fixed Can not speed play some videos
fixed New part UI
added New ui of loop ab and play scale
added Some convenient operations to float window player: double click to pause player && click to show, hide toolbar
fixed Cannot load some lyric and subtitle
fixed Improve accuracy of screenshot
added New UI of 'loop AB'
added Tools bar to control background player in notifacation
added Restore video list's position of last dragged to
added Supported of external lrc file for music
fixed Some status are inconsistent between normal player and float-window player
添加 字幕颜色调节
优化 锁屏播放时无法切换下一集
优化 部分mkv无法软解
优化 新的排序UI
优化 最近播放单个改为列表
优化 无效视频地址播放时无响应或异常退出
added Control player by headset
added Position adjustment of subtitle
fixed Player speed declined sometimes
fixed Loop mode is not unified while change float window to normal player
fixed Player paused automatic sometimes
fixed Play failed after opening external subtitle sometimes
fixed Crash while playing video without network sometimes
added Edit screenshot
fixed App not response after stop playing some videos
fixed Crash while open video by mobo from some FileExplorer
fixed Clear some useless code and resource file to reduce apk's size
fixed Some avi files' picture are blurred
added BitTorrent && Magnet URI download
fixed Can't rename or delete video file on External SDCard of Android 5.0+
fixed< Some videos' picture will shake after playing for a while
fixed< ANR while playing a long video list
fixed< Subtitle disappeared sometimes
fixed< Refresh list not timely after some operation
fixed< Screen rotation is too sensitive
added New settings of screen rotation and save brightness && volume
fixed Crash while switch between multiplayer and float window
fixed Scan result and settings can not be saved on some devices
fixed Some settings did not effect immediate
fixed Some other bugs and optimize some operations
added French, German,Japanese,Russian and other 27 kinds of translation
added Screen rotation button
fixed Crash while sorting sometimes
fixed Some other bugs and UI
added MultiWindow player
fixed Float window is too small sometimes
fixed Crash after send barrage sometimes
fixed Several problems of UI and operation
Add : subtitles adjustment function
Fixed: Hard-Decoding mode can not choose palyback channel
Fixed: Sometimes the default sort is in reverse order
Fixed: Enrich online content
Fixed: Several problems about the floating-window playback
Add : Add online resources
Fixed: Crash while start playing sometimes
Fixed: Part avi,wav files' picture is blurred
Fixed: Could not change to softdecode while no picture with hardecode
Add: Zoom in volume
Fixed: Several bugs about video-clip
Fixed: Bugs of subtitle download and display
Fixed: Not response or play streaming failed
Add: Video clip and GIF clip
Add: Cut video and create gif
Fixed: After the completion of the automatic playback does not exit mobo
Fixed: Decoding packet error will pop up 2 prompt interface
Fixed: Set to clear the media library back to the main interface, the main interface of the top of the title display error
Fixed: Some simple bugs
Add: Custom playback ratio
Fixed: Barrage display time is not accurate
Fixed: Thumbnails is blurred
Fixed: crash while pressing menu key on main interface
Fixed: crash after exit player interface sometimes
Fixed: press menu key or long press on list item to pop option menu
Fixed: bug of seaching subtitles online by remote contraller
Fixed: Main interface menu keys crash
Fixed: Playback finish crash
Modified: The main interface video list press the menu key or the long press out detailed menu
Modified: Online subtitle search adapter remote control operation
Add: play mode setting
Add: play progress preview
Add: TV support
Fixed: Starting picture figured screen
Fixed: Sometimes crash when setting play speed
Fixed: screenshot is not the current picture
Fixed: slow when screenshot
Add: slide left to delete shared pictures.
Fixed: audio disappeared sometimes while soft-decode audio.
Fixed: crash sometimes while playing rmvb files on device with Android 6.0.
Fixed: not smooth while sliding music list.
Add: thumbnail for music
Fixed: part of he-aac audio's tone is not correct
Fixed: long delay while soft-decode audio
Fixed: some device can't unlock player interface
Fixed: remove noise while play speed
Fixed: get wrong resolution for some videos
Fixed: no picture while soft decode some videos
Add: support of Android 6.0
Fixed: num of video on list not correct sometimes
Fixed: not smooth while change screen orientation
Add: add preview function
Add: switch channel when soft-decoding
Add:add screenshot funtion
Fixed: No response when search for subtitles online
Fixed: part of videos can not play
Fixed: Full-screen play appears black border blocking video picture at the top and bottom
Modified: Online subtitle search
Modified: Folder interface
Modified: optimize the main interface UI
Add: FAQ
Fixed: no sound after seek for some audio files
Fixed: picture becomes blurry after seek for part of video files
Fixed: part of inner subtitle can not be shown
Fixed: hardware decode sometimes failed
Add: default listview display
Add: long press hidden folder
Add: show scroll to video list hints when first launch
Fixed: rmvb files no sound
Fixed: task bar can't hide while playing
Fixed: press the task key in the state of lock screen, the main screen is still locked
Fixed: playing crash when video time is not acquired
Add: add barrage function
Add: play speed function
Add: multi-core decoding support
Add: rich online content
Add: update UI interface
Fixed: Some problems when playing in floating window
Fixed: interface displays incomplete when rotate screen
Fixed: force quit because of subtitles
Fixed: Stop player after minimize float window
Fixed: Player's state was changed after set user-defined scale in pause state
Fixed: Scan dialog will pop after cancel "scan all" for a while
Fixed: Screen brightness dims when begin to adjust the brightness

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