• Main features

  • Decoding based on FFMpeg supports a variety of mainstream formats(MKV, FLV, MP4, MOV, TS, RMVB etc.).
  • Moboplayer makes the corresponding optimization for a variety of processors when Soft-Decoding . The mainstream device can smooth playback 720p, 1080p video.
  • Support multi-core decoding, give full play to the CPU performance
  • Supports Android 2.3-5.0 Version
  • Supports most of the H.264 video Hard-Decoding and support system itself supports Hard-Decoding
  • User defined UI, basic playback control API
  • Support for common streaming protocols(MMS, RTSP (RTP, SDP), RTMP, HTTP, HLS, etc.)
  • Supports a variety of common subtitles (srt, ssa, smi, sub, etc.), includes internal subtitle and external subtitle
  • Supports for multi audio track and multi subtitle streams

Mobo Video View is the core component of MoboPlayer. It can be run on Android and ios platform, It contains common player-related functions as well as original floating windows playback function(only supports Android platform). It also provides a rich and flexible interface for developers to call related functions. Applicable to all types need to implement playback software and products.




  • public static int decode_mode_hard = 1; //硬解码
  • public static int decode_mode_mediacodec = 2; //mediacodec硬件解码,支持Android 4.1及以上
  • public static int decode_mode_soft = 3;//软解码


  • public void loadNativeLibs(); //加载相应的解码包,至少要调用一次
  • public void setOnVideoStateChangedListener(OnVideoStateChangedListener listener); //播放状态改变,回调的接口(初使化视频较耗时,故需在异步执行后回调此接口)
  • public void setVideoPath(String path, String params); //设置需要播放的视频路径及其他参数
  • params 内置字幕和音轨的index,格式为:audioTrackIndex+”n”+subtitleIndex,可不指定
  • public void setVideoPath(String path); //设置需要播放的视频路径
  • public void resetDecodeMode(int decodeMode); //重置解码方式
  • public boolean isPlaying(); //当前是否播放状态
  • public int getDecodeMode(); //获取当前解码方式
  • public String getCurrentVideoPath(); //获取当前播放视频路径
  • public void start(); //开始播放
  • public void pause(); //暂停
  • public void stop(); //停止:包括当前播放视频、字幕、音频的均停止
  • public void seekTo(int position); //跳转到,单位秒
  • public int getCurrentPosition(); //获取当前播放到的位置,单位:毫秒

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